Italienexpressen AB is a privately owned forwarding company that offers fast and safe transport by car to and from Italy.

We work continuously to develop and improve the quality of both employees and services.

Our absolutely most important goal with our quality work is satisfied customers.

Our quality policy is based on all our employees having a high level of competence and in their daily work taking responsibility for quality.

Carrier with competent and enterprising staff
Italienexpressen is a knowledgeable and dedicated carrier with extensive know-how in road transport. At our office, you are always met by competent and enterprising staff with extensive experience in the transport industry and good language skills. We are always committed and always ready to take care of you as a customer in the best possible way. High demands on ourselves Regardless of your needs or the challenges we may face, our goal as a responsible carrier is to ensure that dealing with us is easy and that your shipment arrives at its destination quickly and safely. We are here for you and ready to help around the clock, every day of the year.

The quality of our operations must be of such a nature that it must constitute a decisive reason for choosing us as a future supplier.

In our daily quality work, external as well as internal requirements must be met and lead to continuous development and improvement for both employees and customers.